What Creates an Emotional Wedding moments?

Personal thoughts over “what makes emotional wedding moments”. One of obvious factors are the Bride and Groom. Some couples are very emotional by nature and that is beautiful.
However there are few other factors that can influence the overall feelings, emotions and the memories of a wedding.

Photography Style – Photojournalism (Documentary Photography)the story is described with the help of photographs.

Although it may seem simple at first, it is not. The fact that the photographer mechanically captures the moments with the help of a professional camera is not enough. In order to create a complete story with content, the photographer, emphasizing the most important, must be able to capture the link between the pictures. Creating a logical chain of events. In other words, easily give the viewer a hint of what is happening. Directing viewers attention to the desired direction.

The advantage of this type of photography is the natural, emotional pictures that make up the documentary wedding day narration. Capturing true, not perfect, but co-ordinated and in some way artificial moments.

At the wedding we can attract the best professionals in the industry, rent the most luxurious decorations, or hire the best event manager, but there is one thing we answer ourselves at the wedding. That is- the emotional mood.

WHY do we feel this mood in some weddings that makes our eyes wet? While others experience a somewhat cool atmosphere? So what ultimately makes the wedding emotional?  Would your guests say: “This was the most beautiful wedding ever been to!”?

Self written marriage promises

One of the most emotional wedding moments is, of course, the marriage ceremony. However, they may also differ. Most likely, if the couple themselves have written their own oaths to each other, it will be much more emotional than a poem read by the registrant.

People love real love, they are ready to drop more than a single tear, so one of the keys to emotional wedding moments is certainly true words from the heart.

“The very heartfelt ceremony was that we had written the promises ourselves. It’s not easy to write them, but the end result is worth it!!”

admits the bride Jane, who got married this summer.

What Creates an Emotional Wedding Moments

The look of the groom, when he sees bride for the first time

Those who have been at a wedding several times will know that during the marriage ceremony, the gaze should not only be at the beautiful bride, but also the groom who is faithfully waiting for her at the altar. The groom's face expression can often become the most emotional wedding moments in the day not only for the bride, but also for the guests.


The more emotions you will see in the Grooms dace – the more they will appear in the expressions of guests.

Choosing the right song for your ceremony

Music has a great ability to influence people's emotions, to create emotional wedding moments - everyone who works in the cinema industry knows it. That is why choosing the right song during the wedding ceremony will also determine the overall emotional mood of the guests.

Those first few strings of a song or a note can catapult you back to a certain time or place and leave you feeling elated or teary eyed depending on the tune. So to say your musical choices for your wedding ceremony are important is an understatement.


Speeches of close people

In many years, this tradition has strengthened its quality in Ireland. Perhaps because wedding celebrations are increasingly entrusted to be organised and directed by professionals who are there to create an emotional mood?


Couples want to hear not only traditional speech, but also emotional stories and speeches that take time to prepare. That is why the closest guests, family members are often highlighted by the couple’s desire to hear a speech so that their speaker can prepare in time.


Mother/Father - Daughter Dance

This is definitely an emotional wedding moment that will make any wedding more emotional. Dad and daughter dance is touching, especially when looking at the bride's father's face, which only prides itself on his daughter.


Those strong emotions in the parents when they dance with their child. Such activity is not happening every day – if even it ever happens. As a father I can only imagine this moment to be very powerful and emotional for me.

Something very special to you both

One of beautiful ways of extending emotions of your wedding day is to add something extra to it. Some couples are saying promises to each other on the night of the wedding. They believe this will strengthen the marriage and make it happier for both. This part is where you both make genuine promises of how strong will you love and care about each other.

Why doing this in late evening?

At a special time when wedding is winding down, taking a break for this part is perfect. All the guests are surrounding the coupe to hear what promises are being made and to witness strong love between them. One thing for sure - it is very emotional moment.