It’s safe to say no one expected to be wedding planning during the Coronavirus pandemic. If you’re finding yourself in this situation, try to remain calm and allow yourself some grace to process all your emotions. While the situation is causing a lot of changes, it’s important to realize you still have options. Here are some things to think about!


Postpone the Wedding

If your wedding date falls within the Irish Goverment recommended 5-phase time frame (to mid-August) of wedding cancellations, you are probably unsure of what will happen next. It’s best to start reaching out to vendors, venues and guests to discuss days for postponing.

Keep in mind that changing the date may cause you to lose out on vendors you already have since they may be booked for a new date. To counteract this, reach out to your vendors to see what dates they have available before officially choosing a new one. This way you can see if any vendor availability matches up!

If you’re postponing, it’d be beneficial to get in contact with a wedding planner if you don’t already have one. With day-to-day Coronavirus updates, it can get overwhelming for one person to take on re-planning an event. Having someone helping you through this period can alleviate some of that stress.

  • I managed to accommodate 90% of my couples new dates for Wedding Photography

Carry On with an Elopement

Unfortunately, no wedding can continue on totally unscathed. If you can’t bear the idea of postponing the wedding or switching to a livestream, you can move forward with an elopement.

If you decide to elope with immediate family or only a few close friends, you’ll still want to practice social distancing at this time. It’s a great idea to set up a sanitation station and revise food options, as self-serve food should be refrained from to reduce spreading the virus. For more tips on social gatherings, check out the Irish Goverment guidelines. This is PHASE 5. Although, there is going to be restrictions in place in to the amount of people allowed to gather.

I believe that Irish Government will ease the restrictions during the 5-phase period and you should be able to Elope. Weddings are going to be limited.

  • An Elopement option seems to be the one that would 100% happen.
  • A Wedding – you’re risking with numbers of guests and if you have a large wedding venue – you will end up paying for this.

Be Mindful of Contracts

It can be the case that you have deposit paid for your vendors and they are not available on your new date.

In this case I suggest  – take note of few potential dates that you would be happy with and ask them for their availability. Most Vendors are happy to provide change of date without additional cost or without losing your deposit.

Be smart about the NEW DATE

What if your Wedding or an Elopement was in the middle of the week?

I am sure that new date will have an impact on the prices, if you are re-scheduling from Spring to Summer, wedding venues have sometimes higher cost on Peak times which tend to be Summer.

What if it was still SUMMER, but it was a MID-WEEK? or a Thursday? I am ssure your guests can make it on a Thursday and it will make such a difference to your vendor availability

  • I have re-scheduled some of my couples to MID-WEEK! So I was able to re-schedule 90% of weddings.

If You’re In the Process of Planning you Future Wedding

For those of you outside of the 5-phase restriction and still in the process of planning your wedding, there are still many things to keep in mind. With so many couples having to reschedule their weddings, prime 2021 dates are quickly filling up for many vendors. If you’re worried about your date being taken, reach out and book your favorite vendors as soon as possible!

As everything changes daily, it can add more stress and uncertainty to an already overwhelming time. This is a hard time for everyone and know that you aren’t alone. If you’re looking for more direction when it comes to COVID-19 and planning, I created this 25-page guide to help you through: The Ultimate COVID-19 Wedding Planning Guide. It’s packed with more advice, email templates for your vendors and guests, and what I’m doing to help during these times.

  • The World is in a difficult place and it will take time to recover from this.
  • You may see increase in prices from some vendors, so be wise and maybe try to PLAN FOR A MID-WEEK? Thursday?

Updated 03/05/2020Irish Goverment COVID19

Here's a full list of the roadmap as it stands:

  • Allow outdoor meetings between people from different households
  • Childcare at home for healthcare workers
  • Hardware shops and garden centres
  • Opticians, homeware, electrical and IT stores, mechanics and phone shops
  • Tourism sites, carparks, beaches, mountain walks
  • Reopen pitches, tennis courts and golf courses where distancing can be maintained
  • Reopen schools and colleges for teachers to organise remote learning
  • Permit outdoor sport and fitness activities where there is no contact in groups no more than four
  • Outdoor workers in construction can return along with gardeners and those working on allotments
  • Extend restrictions on travel from home to 20km
  • Visits to homes of over 70s and vulnerable permitted
  • Slightly larger numbers can attend funerals
  • Open small retail outlets and marts
  • Open public libraries
  • Specific retail hours for over 70s and vulnerable who should wear gloves and face coverings.
  • Up to four people can visit another household for short period
  • Permit ‘behind closed doors’ sporting activities
  • Return to work for those with low levels of interaction in workplace
  • Reopen non-essential retail outlets with street level entrance and exit
  • Reopen playgrounds
  • Phased restarting of visits to hospital, nursing home and prisons
  • Travel restrictions on numbers to and in major urban centres on weekdays and weekend days
  • Phased reopening of crèches, childminders and pre-schools for children of essential workers
  • Allow small social gatherings
  • Reopen cafes and restaurants that adhere to social distancing guidelines
  • Reopen crèches, childminders and pre-schools for children of all other workers on a gradually increasing basis
  • Return to work for those who cannot work from home
  • Gradual easing of restrictions for higher risk services like hairdressers
  • Reopen museums, galleries, and places of worship
  • Permit sports team leagues like soccer and GAA but only where limitations are placed on the numbers of spectators
  • Reopen public swimming pools where effective cleaning can be carried out
  • Hotels, hostels, caravan and holiday parks for social and tourist activities initially on a limited occupancy basis
  • Progressively decrease restrictions on numbers travelling to and in major urban centres
  • Small weddings and baptisms
  • Allow larger social gatherings
  • Return to work across all sectors
  • Reopening of primary and secondary schools and third level institutions
  • Further easing of restrictions on high risk retail services
  • Resume tourist travel to offshore islands by nonresidents
  • Reopen roller skating and bowling alleys, bingo halls where numbers can be limited
  • Permit sports spectatorship, festivals, events and other social and cultural mass gatherings only in accordance with both indoor and outdoor numbers
  • Permit close physical contact sports (rugby, boxing, wrestling)
  • Reopen gyms, exercise, dance studios and sports clubs where regular and effective cleaning can be carried out
  • Open theatres and cinemas where social distancing can be maintained
  • Reopen enclosed shopping centres where social distancing can be maintained.
  • Further loosening of restrictions on services involving direct physical contact for periods of time between people for which there is not a population-wide demand (e.g. tattoo, piercing) for later phases due to risk.
  • Return to normal visiting for hospitals, nursing homes and prisons.
  • Reopen pubs, bars, nightclubs, casinos, where social distancing and strict cleaning can be complied with

Overview of Reopening Phases

Commencing May 18th

Covid Roadmap Ireland Wedding

Stay Safe, guys! Stay Positive. Love and Family, is what matters!

Hope to see you soon!