Relaxed and informal wedding?Are you planning one?Micro Wedding?

Weddings are very personal and there is no wedding that fits all, everyone will want something slightly different. Be it the dress, catering, styling or flowers. While the latest wedding trends change, so do tastes, and what people wish to spend their money on when it comes to their big day.

Let me explain the below:

  • What is the difference between a "formal" and "informal" wedding?
  • What makes the wedding "relaxed"?
  • How many guests are fine to have?
  • What about the pretty picture perfect wedding?
  • Best places to have one?

Relaxed and Informal Wedding

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Your Vision

I would encourage you think about your wedding day and discuss with your partner. Your VISION, what you would like to see, how would you like to feel?

You might want to have a small gathering or a large wedding but at the end of the day it is your decision you have to make for one of the most important days in your lives!

Let’s dive in!

What is the difference between a "formal" and "informal" wedding?

After some research I have found that top of the wedding trend list is informal gatherings. Inviting all and everybody you know and you don’t know to your big day is no longer the trend. This is because couples opt for more intimate, meaningful celebrations with their nearest and dearest. This means couples can plan and spend their budget differently on a smaller group.

The main difference is that if you choose to opt for “informal” wedding, you can use this term to let everybody around you know that this is not going to be huge gathering but more a relaxed “get-together” with the close family and friends

Some of my couples were very creative in organizing a “backyard” weddings with a smaller group of people.

Formal Wedding

Formal weddings have their set timeline and must have specific sequence of events that are wedding standard.

Informal wedding

Informal wedding allows you to do whatever you want, if you choose to do so. The legal part however must be complete, either in a civil ceremony or in a small church.

One of the big wedding trends coming is for more intimate ceremonies. They are also known as ‘micro weddings’. These occasions tend to have a smaller guest list of around 40 people or fewer. They can be formal or informal, and keep with tradition, or take a more modern approach – however, they tend to have a mix of both.

What makes the wedding "relaxed"?

Relaxed wedding is a term that basically speaks for itself. You absolutely do not have to organise all the traditional wedding day events, like a cake cutting, bouquet toss or first dance. You can still have it all though – it is totally in your control and you could be choosing to have a “mid-night  first dance“, for example. Or you could be flying a lantern instead of cake – whatever would make you enjoy the day even more and make it very special for you!

Relaxed Wedding

Relaxed wedding term is used to make you feel that you are in total control of designing your day! To open your mind and think - "where I want my first dance?" maybe in the field, under the moonlight or other location that might be special for you?

Traditional Wedding

There are certain parts of the day and a timeline that has to be followed. You still can alter things, like cake cutting or the dancing. However you are more limited with creative approach :)

How many guests are fine to have?

A micro wedding is such with less than 25 guests. As a result of being smaller it tends to be more relaxed and shorter in length than a traditional wedding day.

It is different though from both an elopement and intimate wedding. Elopement is usually done in secret, with the attendance of the couple and two witnesses, and is often a simple registry office ceremony – whereas a micro wedding is a full wedding day, just on a smaller scale.

Also, micro weddings are different from intimate weddings. An intimate or small wedding is generally planned to have between 25 and 65 guests.

How many guests?

Generally around 30 people, which obviously depends upon the size and how big your direct family is.

Traditional Wedding

Large gatherings are generally over 100 people.

What about the pretty picture perfect wedding?

Beautiful pictures are the ones with beautiful lighting. Wherever the photos are taken, the light is crucial. I personally recommend making sure there is enough light, when planning such a gathering, so the the memories are beautiful and bringing you the joy.

If there is sunset in the location – this is basically everything we need! I am sure we will be able to find a tree, or beautiful greens, that would make stunning portraits in a relaxed way.

Remember – light is king 🙂

Planning photos

If you choose to go for an informal option somewhere specific, just make sure there is enough daylight and there potentially is a sunset! That is all we need. If it means, driving out to somewhere special - why not?!

Wedding Venues

Generally Wedding venues are designed to be Picture perfect in a way that there are lots of locations for portraits on the grounds of the venue.

Best places to have one?

You can research some of small wedding venues, barn venues, if you do not have an option to organize everything in your back garden. Barn wedding venues often give relaxed, warm feeling. Seagrave Barns is very popular option for such choice with intimate and rustic feel . There are many perfect barn venues in Ireland.

Bellinter house and Boyne hill house are also a good choice if you are looking for more intimate and smaller wedding.

Small Wedding Venue

There are many small beautiful wedding venues in Ireland and it very much depends on your choice - what feel would you prefer.

Intimate Wedding Venue

This is a question to yourself - WHERE WOULD YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE?
In a barn type wedding venue or a more like a country house with high ceiling and paintings on the walls?

End Note

One of the big wedding trends coming is for more intimate ceremonies. They are also known as ‘micro weddings’. These occasions tend to have a smaller guest list of around 40 people or fewer. They can be formal or informal, and keep with tradition, or take a more modern approach – however, they tend to have a mix of both.

Also, since there is more budget per head, such weddings lend themselves perfectly to bespoke soirees, which are remembered for personal touches throughout. This can range from private wine tasting to personalised favours as part of the wedding day celebrations.

Most importantly of all, they also allow the bride and groom to spend quality time with each and every guest – one of the reasons for its surging popularity.

Some engaged couples prefer such approach and it seems to be increasingly getting popular. As a wedding photographer, I know that being relaxed and happy on you wedding day is extremely important. The memories from Wedding Photographs will be related with “how I felt that day

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