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How much to invest in Wedding or Elopement Photography?

Having met different couples that obviously would have slightly different approach, I have been asked many questions on this topic. How much is right to invest in Wedding Photography? Why do prices vary so much? Wedding Photography – what am I paying for?

Well – according to onefabday , the average cost wedding photographer in Ireland is anything between€2’000 -€4’000. For Elopement Photography- pricing is similar.

When it come to memories- they are a lifetime investment, a capture of moment of your life to cherish forever. They are a reminder of who you were, who they were, and a reminder of that precious moment in time.

There are times when you remember moments that were special for you but those fade after time. Capturing your Wedding, Elopement day or special moment in your life – with your most loved person, you put extra effort in ensuring those feeling stay with you forever.

This is not about taking a quick picture for granny’s fridge (still needs to be done). This is about creating series of emotions that were with you at the time.

So the question really is- how do you value those memories ?

Many people search for authentic feeling that photography can provide. I believe that this is absolute essence and the reason we all should be creating albums of important events in our lives.

I want YOU to be able to have that moment when the WORLD STOPS as you look at this beautiful captured moment. One of the most IMPORTANT day of your life.

Professional Photo Editing

The perfect photo goes well beyond the lens, professional photo editing is crucial to bring accent to your photos. The world may give us grey sky’s, rain, or poor lighting but you can create a breathtaking photograph with the perfect shot and professional editing.

Consistency in photo editing is one of the most important aspects to provide a certain feel through out the whole gallery. I very much love natural tones, preserving the true colour. But yet – adding a twist and a punch to the photos, giving them a light film-like look that will stand the time and will never age.


Your questions answered

My JOURNEY with photography has began back in 2007 (the good year 🙂 ) This is when I first purchased a DSLR camera. I have spend numerous hours with my camera, learning various perspectives and setting adaptations to hard lighting conditions etc… I guess I have learned it “the hard way”. This has given me a unique way to look at things as I was always looking out for being somewhat different, unique, which you can see in my work.

I mainly shoot digital for its reliability and backup, in case something happened. Also I use professional equipment that can survive in different weather conditions. So I am always paranoid when it comes to backing up and having a second copy of a copy, that is a copy of a copy… 🙂
I LOVE film as a hobby.

My style is photo-journalistic and editorial. That translates to my Wedding photography style. I love telling stories!!! Most people don’t love having their picture taken. I get it. Good thing I am a photo ninja! 🙂 My quiet and unobtrusive approach helps everyone relax and allows me to capture real moments.

There is something deeply magical and humbling about the human experience of finding your forever love person. Love should be raw, honest and fearless, and so should your photographs.

Yes! My passport is ready and I love to travel. I love the energy of Ireland, the cliffs, the green. The towns and cities but am just as excited to go replenish my soul juice elsewhere. I have traveled to Destination Weddings and I really enjoy it.

I don’t charge for travel within Ireland. However there would be a fee for Destination Weddings.

Yes! I have both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance. I am happy to provide it if the venue asks.

I understand that planning a Wedding is complicated. So, I try to keep my part as simple as possible. I ask that all potential clients to participate in an initial phone/skype call or in-person meeting, during which I am happy to answer all your questions and provide a detailed and accurate price quote. A general guideline is that Wedding Photography is approx. 10% of the overall wedding budget. Of course it will very much vary as some people prefer to invest more in Wedding Photography and some people less. So send me a message and I happy to put together my best estimate.

Of Course! I personally adore doing them. It gives us all a chance to get to know each other and work out all those pre-wedding-photography-jitters. Whether you need the photos for something specific (like a save-the-date card), or you just want some awesome pictures for the heck of it, I think it’s a pretty cool time in your lives and worth capturing. Let’s get creative! I love non-traditional sessions like: at beautiful Ireland Coast Cliffs, in-home sessions, night photography or just doing something you two love doing together.

Once we confirm availability, all we need – is a signed contract and a € 300 retainer fee. The balance is due no later than your Wedding day. Welcome bank transfer or credit card payments, or cash.

I will look after the rest and will send you pre-wedding questionnaire and we will keep in touch through out the process, as I can only provide best service if I get to know you better 🙂

I will send you a private online viewing gallery. You can share the gallery link with anyone you want! Also, I am sending you USB with fully edited high resolution photos and separate folder with resized photos for use on social media. It will take me approx 4-8 weeks to have your photos ready.

Now taking bookings for 2020 (only few dates left) & 2021.

Popular dates are gone quick and I shoot limited amount of weddings per year so please do not wait.

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As the time goes by, your memories will fade away. This is when you will look back at your wedding photographs. Having a privilege to save your memories in a set of images is really rewarding for me. Not only I fulfill my heart and soul by sharing positive energy in my work, but I also document a real story of the day…