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I am a Wedding photographer in Ireland, living in royal County Meath, covering wedding all over beautiful Ireland. I consider myself to be one of the happiest people, as I get to witness one of most important days of peoples lives! Couldn’t ask for more!

Thirteen years ago I have moved to Ireland,  Co Meath after buying a one-way ticket. Yes! One-way ticket. This journey was and still is incredible and I am super thankful I made the decision at the time and never looked back since.

I guess this has been the start of photography journey back in 2007. I’ve been committed to wedding photography specifically since 2016, and I’ve never stopped giving 200% of myself to each and every single couple that have decided to trust their precious and beloved wedding to me and my camera.

True passion for capturing love and memories pushed me into becoming a professional wedding photographer. But the idea of being such- sprouted earlier in my life, specifically after learning how strong of a story can be told from one single image, and I promised myself that I would take care of preserving family fortunes in the most aesthetic possible way.

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Finding a great photographer was at the top of our priority list when we planned our wedding. Arthur exceeded our expectations. He is calm, warm and supportive. He fades into the background to get the perfect candid, and then he jumps into action to round up a group for the perfect funny shot. He catches gestures, glances, warmth and joy between people that you think just can’t be caught, but only felt. We are so happy with Arthur’s work. Finding the right photographer for your wedding is so important; those are the images you’ll be sharing with your family for generations to come!

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I also don’t see people as clients but true friends, even if the relationship we build could be defined as ephemeral. Building that special bond before the big day allows me to understand their story, and even get to know some of the guests in advance thanks to their stories.

Having a supportive family has been fundamental for developing myself as a professional wedding photographer. And I’m truly thankful to my spouse and children for their patience and their support.

… he has a way of making you feel like you’ve known him for long. During our engagement photo shoot Arthur made us feel completely at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. He even spent more time with us than anticipated in order to get the perfect pictures. Booking Arthur as our wedding photographer was one of the best decisions we’ve made. 

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